Admitting I have been naive!

I’ve been known to say …

If it doesn’t directly effect me, then I don’t need to worry about it, and I don’t want to worry about it!

– Karissa

Until now, this has worked for me. I’m sure it would continue to work for me. But this isn’t about me anymore. It has really never been about me. I have failed. Failed to see something that has been affecting my friends who I care so deeply about. Failed to educate myself and my children on an issue that we can help stop. This issue, is racism.

I have been naive, and frankly selfish. I am busting out of my bubble. Feel free to come with me!

Only worrying about things that directly effect me is SO WRONG. I want my children to see their mother standing up for what she believes in. I want them to follow my example. I don’t want them to be selfish and naive. I want them and I want myself to be educated, opinionated, and unafraid to speak their minds. I need to share my experiences, and the experiences of my friends. I will stand against racism going forward. I will not let beautiful human beings be treated so unfairly and so unjust. My heart hurts for my friends. As I have been listening the past week, and praying, I know what I need to say….

I have never personally experienced or been a victim of racism. Being a white woman, I never realized the privilege that I do have. When it is your reality and you don’t educate yourself on the differences between the way you live vs. someone else then how would anyone really understand that they have that privilege? This hit me after reading a post that said, “It is a privilege to educate yourself about racism instead of experiencing it.” I also have grown up with very diverse friends, and have never judged someone based on the color of their skin. My girlfriends and I called each other the “United Nations” in high school. Because we had so many different nationalities and backgrounds in our group of friends. Not one of us looks the same. This is why I have been naive.

Just because I have never judged my friends, doesn’t mean that my friends have never been judged.

I see that now and I vow to speak up on behalf of my friends and their community! Black Lives Matter!

Feeling as though it wasn’t my place to speak up, I have witnessed racist comments, and said nothing. Even knowing and feeling that it was wrong. I won’t allow this to happen any longer. I will raise my children to know what racism is and to be Anti-Racist. I will continue to support black owned businesses and we will speak up! I will have the uncomfortable conversations.

I am also praying for the world. White people, black people, yellow people, brown people, we all have the heart of Jesus. We don’t have to agree with everyone and we can be different. We all just need to try to understand each other. In life we all want to continue growing as human beings. There is no growth without being uncomfortable. I’m still learning and listening and have a lifetime to go.

Like I said earlier, I’m busting out of my bubble, won’t you come with me?

How do you plan to get out of your comfort zone and make some waves? How do you plan to change the world?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

4 thoughts on “Admitting I have been naive!”

  1. WOW Karissa! Very beautifully said! Tears in my eyes as you have spoken the words I did not have! I’m with you! Your children are blessed with an intelligent, thinking woman for a mother! My mom was the same. She would not allow ignorance in her home. You are at a different level with this because we now have so more education and we cannot ignore the racism any longer!

    1. Thank You! I’m happy to share my perspective and hope to continue educating myself and my children!

  2. I have been diversifying my feed. I realized that much of my social media is connecting with friends and things that I like and that support the way I see the world. I’ve been adding groups and people that are different than me and different than my normal content. I’ve been asking my friends who are POC how I can help them and what I can do to make a difference for them. I’ve been having the uncomfortable conversations and not keeping my mouth shut when people spew hate. I’ve been LISTENING and learning.

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