My First Blog Post!

Hello! And welcome to, drum roll!!

I can't even tell you how excited I am to FINALLY get this up and running! This is officially, My first blog post! I have been thinking about blogging for probably, over a year now. I finally decided to go ahead and do something about it. I hope to be able to capture your attention and to keep you wanting more. So let's start with a little about me, and what you can expect.

My name is Karissa and I am 29 years old and live in Southeast Arizona. I have three kids, hence the name ;), see what I did there? Their ages as I write this are eight, five and three. Let me tell you, these three are fun but exhausting! I work at a resort in Phoenix and I help to send people on vacation everyday! Thankfully my job is basically part time, working 20-30 hours a week. That helps me to be able to take my kids to school, pick them up, take them to dance, karate and whatever other activities might be happening. It's awesome! I have been married to my husband for 6 years, 7 in December đŸ™‚ and we have been together for 10 years!

What should you expect from me?

What I plan to accomplish with this blog is first and foremost, share the information I have gathered through my almost 9 years of parenting and share that with other awesome moms that could use it, and hopefully inspire other moms to share with me all their tricks and what works for them in every aspect of their daily lives.

I also have been inspired by tons of mom bloggers, finance bloggers, and fitness bloggers. I want to have even a taste of what they are doing and tweak it to work for me. I want to make this a full time gig to where I could eventually blog full time! Who wouldn't want to wake up every morning and just write an awesome article to share with the world?

Next, I want to show that, while college is AMAZING, you don't necessarily have to have a college degree to be successful. I am by no means an expert on any of the subjects in this blog, but I want my readers to view this as more of an open forum. Think of this as a place to share ideas, and to see what other moms might be doing with their kids, their husbands, other work outs, does meal prep really work? etc. I really just want to inspire you to try something you haven't and take a step in a new direction!

Something I have learned so far by starting this is to not underestimate yourself and try to do something specifically for YOU every day! Whether it is something creative, something physical, meditation, reading, dancing, whatever you need... DO IT! It will help keep you sane! Some days will be easier then others, your kids will be angels and you will wonder why? Other days your kids will be right on top of you, abnormally needy and you will want to pull your hair out!


Don't be afraid to do something for yourself for fear of what others around you will think. I have to tell you that before I started this blog, I was so beyond nervous for anyone to see it! I don't know why? Not like I'm putting it out there for the whole world to see or anything?...Well I was terrified for that exact reason. But the feedback I have been getting is so positive! I'm getting so much support from all the people I love, and if you tell or show the others around you about something you are excited about doing for yourself, the overwhelming reaction should be nothing but positive.

So that's what you will expect on this blog. My struggles, my wins, my thoughts, all in an effort to help you see that you aren't alone you amazing mommy! You have a friend right here who is trying to figure it out too! Join me!!