How to use the law of attraction

How to use the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

First, what is The Law of Attraction? Have you heard of it? I’m sure you have whether you know it or not. The basic description of The Law of Attraction is that what you think about, you bring about. Whether it is positive or negative, what you are focusing on, will eventually manifest in your life.

Check out The Secret here

The Secret helps you understand The Law of Attraction which is an amazing way of thinking. You don’t even realize how the Law of Attraction is working for you and also against you and if you can learn how to manipulate it, you will be way better off! This sounds cooky, I know! But I SWEAR by it! Once I really understood this concept, and I mean really understood it, things in my life changed. Drastically! I recommend that you watch the movie above or read the book and take notes! This is the sort of thing that you can go and look back on time and time again to refresh your memory and also learn to focus on different things. Below I will tell you how I have used the Law of Attraction to my benefit and how I continue to use it on a daily basis.

I started working in a sales driven career that sold dreams. Literally dreams. Air. Timeshare. How in the world do you sell dreams? You sell feelings! How do you sell feelings? You FEEL things! I mean really feel things, and what you are feeling will project onto the people that surround you. Ever notice when someone is just…off? It is their energy. Negative energy has a tendency to project more strongly and can also take you under with it, so be very careful.

One of the main things that resonated with me was when The Secret asks, “when you wake up and stub your toe, how does your morning go?” You hit every red light, one of the kids made you late because while walking out the door someone needed an extra bathroom visit before you left, you make a mistake on the report, you get stuck with all the rude customers etc. etc. and it spirals from there. This is the Law of Attraction at work. The universe works to attract the things you focus on!

So, I wasn’t doing well in my sales career and then I watched The Secret. I wrote down VERY specific goals that I wanted for myself emotionally, financially, physically, in my relationship etc. Every aspect of my life that I wanted to improve. First, really thinking about what you want and seeing where you are in achieving those goals really puts it into perspective.


Then, instead of focusing on the things you don’t have, you focus on the things you do have and become abundantly grateful for those things! Every morning wake up and thank the universe, god, the higher power, for waking up and seeing another beautiful day! Start by writing 5 things you are grateful for each day. Make sure they are different every day! This can be a challenge in the beginning, but once you get used to it, this will become easier!

This is all about changing your mindset. Now your internal voice needs to change! Instead of saying I hope, or I wish, or if this happens, change your internal voice to say I will do this, when this happens for me etc. Any negative self talk needs to be removed from your vocabulary! Create some daily positive affirmations and make sure to complete them every day!

Once I started doing this consistently I saw so many positive changes in my life. And I kid you not. I am now here, four years into my goals that I wrote down the first day I started this…and I have already accomplished so many things on my list. A lot of people also create vision boards to help them focus on their goals daily! A vision board is a board that you make that has pictures and motivational sayings that are geared towards your goals. Seeing this board can help you visualize you goals which is the whole concept of the Law of Attraction. Visualization is the key. Visualize what it will feel like when you accomplish your goals. How happy you will be. The burden that will be lifted. The stress removed from your life. Basically you have to feel as if you have already accomplished your goals to attract them. You want the universe to attract good, positive, abundant things to you.

Things I have attracted since my use of the Law of Attraction:

Purchased my first home

Took my family to Disneyland

My marriage is stronger than ever

My whole family is healthy

Purchased two new vehicles

Improved our credit

Went on our first bucket list trip to Japan

Started this blog

Husband and I are making the exact amount I wrote on my goals between the two of us

Purchasing my dream home

Paid off all my credit card debt between myself and my husband, over $15k+ in one year!

If this is not enough proof that this works than I don’t know what else you may need!

So in summary, the ways I used the Law of Attraction to my benefit and how you should:

  1. Write down specific goals in e very aspect of your life. Financially, emotionally, physically, romantically and even specific things you may want to purchase etc.
  2. Create a vision board.
  3. Become truly grateful for the blessings in your life currently.
  4. Create and recite positive affirmations daily.
  5. Eliminate negative self talk.
  6. Be open to abundance!
  7. Receive all your blessings and look forward to new ones!

I hope this inspires even one person! Have you used the Law of Attraction before? What was your experience?