Why you should NEVER experiment on Thanksgiving!

Why you should NEVER experiment on Thanksgiving!

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Ahhh Thanksgiving. What an awesome holiday! Thanksgiving began as a day to celebrate the harvest of the prior year back in the 1600’s. Please don’t criticize me for not knowing the exact dates…my blog is not wikipedia…LOL! This holiday has evolved into one where we make awesome food and be with our families and/or friends, and reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives. At least, that is what our Thanksgiving is like in our family. Also, you get to eat a TON of amazing food! That is my kind of holiday! Give me all the food! I can’t live without my grandma’s sweet potato casserole and cranberry sauce! MMMM….

Most families have traditions during holidays, and ours is no different. We usually go to our cousin’s or grandma’s house to have Thanksgiving. Everyone shows up, and we have a pot luck sort of Thanksgiving so that no one is burdened with making ALL THE FOOD. Sounds easy enough right? Probably similar to your own Thanksgiving? We play games, we catch up on life, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Well, potluck means that each person brings something to the party right? Well, once I started having kids and becoming old enough to contribute to the Holidays, everyone thought that I could be trusted with simple recipes for Thanksgiving! Well, my failure is now your entertainment and will now benefit you! LOL!

My first go around was mashed potatoes! I was told to bring them…well I, naturally with my love of pinterest, decided I was going to find the best mashed potato recipe ever! Instead of a normal person who would peel and boil russet potatoes and maybe add in a dash of garlic to spice things up I decided I was going to make mashed potatoes with red potatoes and in the crock pot! OH man…was that a pinterest fail! My mashed potatoes were not mashed very well, I clogged up my garbage disposal because I peeled my potatoes in the sink and they were just all in all, crap! To this day my 10 year old cousin says she can make better mashed potatoes than me!

Fast forward to the next year…I was tasked with green bean casserole. Easy enough. Who can screw that up!? There are only so many different ways to make that right?! Wrong! Again, I turn to my trusty pinterest and find a recipe. Welp, as you can imagine that did not turn out right either!! It had soy sauce in it! And WAY too much! Who puts soy sauce in green bean casserole?! Karissa did, that’s who! It was overly salty and just inedible.

After that the last few years I have been told to bring..wait for it…microwave corn! HAHA! My poor family was my guinea pigs on Thanksgiving! I feel for them. As I have gotten older and perfected more than mac and cheese and breakfast foods I learned how to change recipes to fit my taste preferences. BUT I will NEVER experiment on Thanksgivng ever again. YOU’RE WELCOME my beloved family! I have mastered the pumpkin roll and some pretty awesome cheese puffs, but that’s about it. For now I will experiment before to be sure that the recipe is good and not a pinterest fail! I’m sure we have all had a few of those! If you take anything from this post, just make sure you DON”T experiment on the big day. Thanksgiving is meant for awesome food that you can be thankful for! 🙂 Take it from me!

Also, in case you are wondering, I was told to bring pies from Cotsco this year. Specifically from Cotsco. I was NOT asked to make pies! 🙂

Have you had a pinterest fail? Share it with me! I would love to know that I’m not alone!

I promise my pinterest links won’t include those recipes! Follow me 😉

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17 thoughts on “Why you should NEVER experiment on Thanksgiving!”

  1. I love this!! I do love to cook…and I love Pinterest too…but I do have a rule if we’re having company over, or taking food to a gathering of some sort: no new recipes!! They must have at least been tested once before…yeah, I learned that lesson the hard way!

  2. That was Amazing. I laughed through the entire thing. Also her cousin is 12 not 10. Note a Pinterest fail. Lol

  3. Remember, there is nothing called failure or success in this world. Your every move is an experience and this article has a great sense of humor in it. Continue your experiments for Thanks Giving and do let us know your latest fail! 🙂

  4. Great read! I’m lucky enough that my mom does the cooking for me haha…I’m hoping she doesn’t plan to experiment with meal ideas this year though!!

  5. Definitely been there and have learned my lesson to do a trial run before serving to guests. Really enjoyed the post, thanks for sharing.

  6. I love your post! I remember one time I tried to do a new way of baking a chocolate brownie for a potluck party and I totally wrecked the whole thing! Not gonna happen again for sure.

  7. LOL! My domain is usually sweets some no one asks me to bring anything other than dessert. I was asked to make mac and cheese one year and it sucked thanks to pinterest lol. Never again!

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